Our mission: The Connecticut Antique Machinery Association (CAMA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit museum dedicated to the preservation, restoration and demonstration of antique machinery from our rich industrial and agricultural past. CAMA's central theme revolves around machinery that made America great, Our 8-acre museum campus is located in Kent, CT.    CAMA is an all-volunteer organization.

Our main focus is to educate the general public as to early industrial and agricultural methods.  Our museum currently has NINE main areas of focus with exhibits relating to each area. Click on each heading below to link to a page describing each area.  CAMA is a living museum meaning that most of our exhibits are operable.  See our Calendar of Events to find out when live demonstrations are available.

CAMA has 9 main areas of focus, each with unique and fasinating displays.

Mining and Geology Building

 Exhibits here describe the geological evolution of the State, the science of paleontology, including the tools and methods used by paleontologists to uncover this rich fossil record, Even a very boisterous animatronic dinosaur that greets visitors as they enter the hall. From there you enter the Mining Exihibts that show how from the earliest man to modern day these minerals were extracted and what they are made into today including how they were mined and puified.

Sawmill and wood finishing

Our working Sawmill contains an original turn of the century mill, Shingle Mills and other wood finishing machinery. Operated mainly on our festival days this popular display is open for viewing during regular hours. A recent addition houses more finishing tools and a new platform allows these to be driven with our Steam Traction Engines. An amazing sight and sound! CAMA has an extensive collection of wood finishing machinery, from processing huge raw logs to finished planks. We have a few firewood splitters from the past also. These again are often seen operating at our shows.

Running traction engines

CAMA is building one of the largest Traction Engine collections in the Northeast and Connecticut. With three running engines now and two more slated for restoration in the next two years. These massive steam powered tractors were used to plow fields, create roads and power other eguipment until the internal combustion engines replaced them. Like Steam Locomotives on wheels the sound and motion of these machines is fasinating to watch. Want to get more involved? We have a donation program going on our Avery and will need manpower as restoration time nears.

steam locomotives and engines

We currently have 4 Locomotives at CAMA. Our showcase fully restored and running Hawaii #5, Our Rare #4 logging Locomotive, A Tank Engine and our MineMotor loco 1923 Plymouth. We have a demostration railway and give rides during Festival Days. If you are lucky you may find the Plymouth running on a weekend. Look for #4 out along Route 7 as you approach the Museum. We hope to do a preservation and cosmetic restoration on #4 this year - Looking to get involved? Contact us

industrial hall

Yet another Showcase of Machinery and Technology this world class Hall is still growing in 2024. Huge Stationary Steam engines powered by a boiler alongside create a vision of the past, with the sounds and decor to match. Under Steam or not its hard to take this in in one trip. A bevy of Model Steam engines and machinery they powered compliment the display further. 

Agriculture hall with Machinery and tractors


Our extensive tractor collection spans from the earliest steel wheel machines to to tractors that revolutionized agriculture. Bulldozers and steamrollers, Steam shovels and graders with other machines that built the roads the crops were deliverd on. Harvesting machinery, grinders and threshers. And many engines large and small that powered them all mixed in. Another building filled with treasures at every turn

1800's Cream hill agricultural School House

This amazing display was moved to our grounds in the 90s, It is a complete preserved example of a 1800's SchoolHouse complete with its original learning materials, desks, books and decor. This is the first school started by John Gold, Who went on to found the CT University Sytem. There is also a room devoted to turn of the century living and Mr Golds desk and office as it was when the house was in operation as a school.

turn of the century Blacksmith shop

From mining the raw materials to the Blacksmiths who forged them into useable objects CAMA has the story start to finish. Here you will see turn of the century forging of varoius metals and will feel the heat coming off the multiple forges most weekends. Interested in learning about this old art? Ask our Blacksmith about lessons.

early gas and oil engines

One of our newest displays, being finished in early 2024 is our extensive new collection of rare engines. Makes like Otto have been long forgotten but here you can see and hear these engines run again. Hit n Miss and even kerosene powered engines are on display. Ajacent to this building is a mining engine pump and linear drive all in operating condition. These run at shows and even many weekends as Volunteers service and test them.